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DWQA QuestionsCategory: Questionsis pan card is need for interview?
Baldev Gokhale asked 1 year ago

I have applied for the job in Coimbatore. I am searching the new job for me. And also i have getting good mark in my college degree. I have collect more opportunities for jobs. I am having one doubt. Is pan card is compulsory for attending an interview? Because i am not getting pan card. if it needed means i want apply the new pan card in online. I am not getting enough time for submitting my pan card application. My father is filling the pan card application. I can get the necessary details and documents attach with that.
Tomorrow i will attend a interview. But i am not having pan card in my hand. What can i do? Is any possible way is available for collect my pan card within 2 days? What are the websites are available to submit the fast way. My friend applied their pan card and join with me for attend the interview. I have get the all details without pan card. My important time for this. I hope in this job is compulsory for me. What are the important documents in hand at the time of attend the interview.
I am getting bank account. Shall i apply with same bank for my pan card. I need the close tips and powerful ideas for making it success. I am getting fear about my interview and also i need the successful tips for attend that. My Mather is helps me to prepare the interview. My father is helps me for collect the pan card. I am searching more points about collecting the details and check the status of my pan card. My sister given wishes for me. I have get more wishes from my friends. So please guide me to collect the pan card as soon as possible.

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